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'CPR: Hands Saving Lives' is an educational movie, created by Thomas Dorscht. He is a professional firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician and directing cinematographer who has visualized a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This movie is co-produced by two physicians, specialized in anesthesiology and resuscitation: dr. Willem Stockman and dr. Pieterjan Durnez. This belgian story is based on the ERC-guidelines 2010, and the recommendations of the FOD Health. This is a tool that can emphasize CPR-courses for both, professionals and untrained rescuers. This movie has been created only by goodwill and the passion for the job. You are free to use this cpr-movie for education. Commercial use is not allowed.
Enjoy the movie and keep on practicing CPR!

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CPR 112 in co-production with MUG-stuurgroep Roeselare-Izegem and Brandweer Roeselare

You're free to use this CPR-movie for education and information. Commercial use is not allowed.
It’s not allowed to re-edit this movie or change audio, video and/or animations from the original version.
Do not copy the DVD. The internet version can be watched freely at all times.
You're free to show this movie on any event that has a connection with the subject of our movie.
The music of this movie is license-free.

This movie helps professionals and untrained rescuers to understand which actions it takes to save a life.
But watching this movie is not enough, practicing on mannequins is the best way for better outcomes in real life.

Show this CPRmovie to many people as possible and encourage them to train cardiopulmonary resuscitation on regular bases. Together we can save Lives!

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Copyright © 2012 CPR112 All rights reserved